Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş Diye Çıktık Yola…

Once Upon a Time

Far, far away and just as long ago, when the world was full of wonders, our ancestors were gathering around a fire and telling stories to each other.

Stories are the first and oldest communication and language of humanity. There are sadness, happiness, dreams, desires hidden in them. They are the archaic seeds that contain all wisdom of the universe.

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We set out on a journey with this inspiration of wisdom of the stories. The fire in the center of our logo symbolising the foundation of civilization. Our name comes from the ”Academia” which has founded by Plato, the first school in history.

we believe that as stories are used effectively, it could be an ancient power that inspire, guide people and leaves traces in the world. Storytelling Academy is a Training & Consultancy company that provides tailor-made storytelling services to help people and organizations to discover, design and tell their unique stories.

How do we make your wish come true?

With Our Story Elixir!

Here is the description of the Elixir;

  • Discover: We take the first step by discovering the seed of your story with need / problem detection.
  • Design: We go to the story craft stage with the materials that come out after discovery.
  • Tell: Finally, we learn how to deliver our story through effective storytelling techniques.

We believe that everyone and every organization have a unique story waiting to be discovered,you will be the hero of your own story with this unique elixir

We travel over hill and dale, through fields and forests untill

We reached Thousands of people and corporates with lots of stories

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Hero’s and Mentor’s of The Journey

Oyun ve Hikaye Sever Ekibimiz.

Eda Bayraktar

Chief Storyteller
Education Designer

Emir Bayraktar


Tuğba Canşalı

Educational Tools and Programme Designer

Ercan Altuğ Yılmaz


Yavuz Samur

Asst.Prof-Instructional Design and Technology

Marıa Rosa Sapıenza
Art Dırector

Theatre Film Producer

Okan Yahşi

Art Director&Creative Drama Leader

Safa Akdağ

Web Software Developer

Telephone: +90(850) 255 11 92
E-mail: [email protected]


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